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Food is defined as a nutritious substance that is consumed to maintain life and growth. Luckily, Harley Langberg is not afraid to push the traditional boundaries of this definition, showing that food can be consumed by viewing and growth does not have to be just physical but also mental, through creativity and culture.

This is the essence of the awe-inspiring Food Art that Langberg has created. The ingredients used in his pieces are carefully selected, spanning both the food pyramid and the globe. The vision for his creations can come from anywhere: replicating a famous work, referencing pop culture, celebrating a holiday or bringing to life something that strikes his eye while walking down the street. Regardless the inspiration, all of his pieces have one theme in common - they will make your jaw drop.

Since plating his first Food Art in October 2013, Langberg has quickly found a devoted fan base. His 33,000 Instagram followers are sure to press 'like' to show support when Langberg releases his newest eye candy. Given this success, Langberg has been featured in various news outlets and has partnered with Chili's, Food Network, Billboard, and Kroger, among others, to market their brands through Food Art collaborations.

If you are seeking to utilize Food Art as a creative means of corporate marketing, Langberg can be contacted via the 'Contact' tab of this site.



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